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“a stock market listing offers exciting instruments for a company”

Capital market fitness for SMEs

Going public is usually not the focus of strategic options for small and medium-sized enterprises. Nevertheless, it opens up a wide range of opportunities and potential, far away from the high-publicity, classic initial public offering (IPO). Ongoing external valuation, flexible share liquidity and shares as M&A currency are exciting instruments for the development of a company. As a long-term partner, we also act as management or supervisory board mandates and support companies in exploiting their potential and securing their strategic positioning.

Regulatory requirements and higher costs can often discourage companies that are actually suitable for the capital market. Our experts not only provide support in evaluating the potential of a stock market listing, but also guide companies through all the necessary steps to successfully access the capital market.

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M&A support & integration

The world of mergers and acquisitions offers companies a unique opportunity for transformation and growth. However, the key to success lies in the seamless post-merger integration. We have many years of experience with the complexities of these processes, which makes us specialists in supporting companies starting even before the deal is closed. As a long-term partner, we are also open to support the process by co-investing and acting in interim positions.

We are working to identify synergies, to address organizational barriers and to realize a successful merger. We believe that the true value of a transaction lies in the creation of a strengthened and well-harmonized company after the merger.

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"the true value lies in a strengthened company after the merger"
"successful reorganization can set the path for sustainable business future"

Reorganization & succession

In a constantly changing business world, the ability to adapt and reorganize is essential. Whether as a result of a financial distress, an M&A transaction, the need for modernization and digitalization, or even when handing over the company in the event of a succession, successful reorganization can set the path for sustainable business future. As your partner in this transformation, we will support you in the realization of your strategic goals in the long term.

From developing strategies to designing smooth change processes - we work closely with your team, which is essential for the success of change management. Together with our experts, we support you in achieving operational efficiency, reducing costs and executing structural changes. We take into account the uniqueness of each company as well as personal concerns to ensure that the reorganization promotes both: business success and sustainable development.

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Photo by Sebastian Stietzel


At the age of 16, Sebastian Stietzel founded his first company. More projects followed, mainly in the IT sector, and in 2016 he achieved his first exit. The multi-faceted entrepreneur then gained extensive experience in M&A, post-merger and reorganization projects as well as capital market fitness as a member of the management and supervisory boards of listed companies and as an investor.

On a voluntary basis, he has been involved in economic politics for more than 25 years, since 2022 as the elected President of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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